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One App, Many Uses

myDMV wallet is a secure digital wallet that holds your Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and can do much more!

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Digital Drivers License

mDL is a mobile drivers license that was created with ISO and W3C verfied credential standards. It utilizes Distributed Ledger System to achieve true interoperability.

Document Verification

Your users can now skip a trip to the DMV center by uploading documents right through your mobile device. Our OCR and machine learning technology will verify the documents and send them to your state agency, thus saving you money and time.

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Renew Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, and more. Receive payments and make it easy for your customers to renew their materials all in one spot.

User Verification

Verify users through facial recognition and drivers license. This feature is ideal for user onboarding capabilities and fraud detection.

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Users have the ability to access who and when their data was retrieved.

Simple Plans

Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution


myDMV platform is tailored to you and your customers needs

Community Support

You will be part of open-Source community and the next wave of innovation

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