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myDMV is the answer to 21st-century access, privacy, and control for all.

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The world's leading
Mobile Drivers License Platform


Connecting People to Governments and Businesses.

Secure and Private Mobile Driver's License

myDMV Platform Features

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myDMV's mDL solution allows users to access and renew their driver's license through a protected digital wallet on their mobile devices.


The myDMV platform is built to integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure to issue mobile driver's licenses with a goal to reduce the cost and resources needed for the state.



Businesses can instantly authenticate digital identities and protect their establishment with myDMV's integrated and secure verification system.



Open Standards

The verified credential data model standard is a model of an open standard that focuses on trust and sharing of information



Personal data should be freely available for its owner to be able to control who can access it.

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21st-century techniques translate to cost savings for both state departments and citizens through a digital system that eliminates many of the obstacles surrounding identity.

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Fresh ideas coupled with technological innovation mean we can solve problems surrounding digital identity and online safety while creating a world based more on trust than ever before.

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A fully integrated suite of identity solutions

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Solutions for every situation requiring proof of identity
How It Works

Why Us?

 Bringing personal experience as citizens, professional acumen, and passion for a better world to the table, myDMV has been created by Attributes. When you work with Attributes, you can expect to partner with some of the world's leading experts in decentralized identity. We have a team that leverages deep skills in digital identity, cryptography, privacy, security, and governance frameworks to create a user-friendly app for people, businesses, and governments.

We at Attributes are committed to open source and open standards, so there’s no vendor lock-in to our solutions. Our systems that create, share, and exchange data are designed in a way that gives the holder control. Coupled with intuitive UX design that makes our software simple to issue, share and verify on our trusted digital network OVIS, showcasing our commitment to data interoperability.

We are proud to be part of Hyperledger Indy, AAMVA, and Sovrin Community. 

We Offer Support

 All of our services are backed by full support from our team. Allow us to issue mDL's while you enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing that we are investing in your success.

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